The Roanoke Valley Chess Club (RVCC) held its club championship on June 23 and 24, 2018 at Westhampton Christian Church. Last year’s champion Chase Bailey was not able to participate this year, to the dismay of this year’s participants. But the tournament was a satisfying success, as the club crowned a new champion.

At the end of round three on day one, Prabhuraj Prabhakaran was in first place with 3 points and no losses. Expectations were high going into the 4th round. A win by Prabhu would practically guarantee his being the overall champion a foregone conclusion. But a motivated Drew Gripp was determined not to allow this to happen in his fourth round match against the leader. It looked as if Prabhu was going to win, having 2 rooks versus a rook and bishop endgame. But a blunder resulted in his losing a rook and eventually the game. This resulted in a 3-way tie between Prabhu, Gripp, and Ben Dubuque, all having earned 3 points. In the fifth round, all three leaders won, ending the tournament with 4 points. The tie break resulted in 3rd place going to Gripp, 2nd place to Dubuque, and 1st place and 2018 Champion Prabhuraj Prabhakaran. Aiden Taylor was Junior Champion this year. Congratulations to all of our winners.

The RVCC would like to express their appreciation to Westhampton Christian for their cordial support in allowing the use of their facility. The RVCC would also like to recognize club President Mike Huff for steadfast efforts behind the scenes in organizing this event.


Celebrating Chess at the 2018 Festival in the Park

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club brought its popular “Chess-tival” event once again to the annual Festival in the Park in downtown Roanoke. This major celebration takes place every Memorial Day weekend in Elmwood Park, and attracts many thousands of participants. The Chess Club convened on Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27, at its usual site along Elm Avenue.

This was Festival’s 50th year since its inception—a big deal for organizers. In the 30+ years that the RVCC participated, the weather has cooperated. Most years, rain was in the forecast, but generally missed us. Not this time! If not for our tents, we would have had to cancel due to torrential rain, both days. (We managed to get soggy even with our tents on Saturday.)

The RVCC members who braved the rain on Saturday included Sam Kennedy, Ben Dubuque, Christian Dotson, and Mike Huff. Despite the sparse attendance, we managed to collect two completed contact cards. On Sunday, Sam and Mike held the fort and collected two more contact cards, despite heavy sheets of rain, many cancellations, and no crowds.

We want to thank the volunteers who persevered through the severe weather we experienced. A heartfelt shout-out goes to Ed Gig and all the other fine folks of Roanoke Festival, Inc. who helped make our event possible.

This event is part of the Roanoke Valley Chess Club's ongoing commitment to promote the great game of chess in the region, and-- as always-- is 100% FREE to the general public.

(Submitted by Mike Huff)


2018 RVCC Spring Quick Championship Report

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the RVCC held its Spring Quick Championship. Six players competed in a 3-round G/15 Swiss System, at RVCC headquarters, Raleigh Court Public Library.

Aiden Taylor won clear 1st place with a 2½ score. Mr. D. Villareal Sr. won 2nd place over 3rd place club veteran Sam Kennedy. Both men scored a respectable 2 points. Rounding out the event were Mike Huff, Ben Dubuque and E. Villareal Jr.

RVCC Board Chairman Rusty Potter directed the tournament, with an assist Mike Huff. Even with a late entry, we managed to finish ahead of schedule, thanks to all the collaboration on pairing and awarding prizes.

The RVCC would like to thank the Raleigh Court Public Library for its help and hospitality in making this tournament a great success.

(Submitted by Russell Potter)


2018 Land of the Sky Warm-Up

Cancelled due to weather


2018 Jack Frost

Cancelled due to weather