The Roanoke Valley Chess Club meets every Wednesday evening at the Raleigh Court Branch Library. The library is located at 2112 Grandin Road, SW, Roanoke, VA 24015. It is directly in front of Patrick Henry High School.
Please click here for a map and detailed directions.

The formal hours of the RVCC are Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.
We meet in the Community Room in back of the building.

Special Notice : There will be a chess club officer to host every Wednesday meeting !



The Roanoke Valley Chess Club offers USCF-Rated players the opportunity to play a U.S.C.F.-rated game for a very nominal fee. The fee is only 25 cents per player. ( Only a quarter ! ) This must be paid on the night of the game to a club officer. All of these rated games will be submitted to the U.S.C.F. on a quarterly basis.

We are currently in our Winter ladder season. Our Spring challenge ladder will begin on Wednesday, April 4. The Spring challenge ladder will end on July 4 for both the USCF-rated games as well as for non-rated games.

RULES for the RATED games are below:
#1) All rated games will also be counted for the unrated regular club challenge ladder.

#2) All players who wish to play rated chess must either be a current U.S.C.F. member, or must pay to join the U.S.C.F. any Wednesday club meeting.

#3) The Time Control for the rated games is 30/60~G/30. There is a 5 sec. delay after each move.

#4) Score-keeping is required.

#5) All relevant USCF related rules will be applied for the rated games.

#6) Rated games can start as early as 6:00 pm.

#7) No rated game can be started after 6:30 pm.

#8) To play a rated game, both players must inform any officer present before the game begins.

#9) Based on turnout, the officers will decide whether the rated games ( no talking ! ) will be played in the main room or the conference rooms. The regular ladder games will be played in the other room.

We have received a solid number of requests from our members to offer more rated chess. We hope this will address your needs in this area. When our current Winter ladder ends, the Officers will meet and discuss what chess formats to offer members going forward.

We look forward to crossing swords with you this coming Wednesday evening !

Sincerely, The Officers.