Results of Board of Directors Election
The following persons were elected to the board of directors:

Russell Potter
Mike Huff
Ray Megginson
RVCC Reorganizational Business Meeting - Saturday 9/10/16
Call to Order
Summary of Events
  1. Holiday Quick, November 4
    • Mike moves to continue, Richard seconds, motion carries.
  2. Winter G/30 and LOTS Warm-Up, January 16
    • Mike moves to continue, Richard seconds, motion carries.
  3. Jack Frost G/30 Tournament, February 13
    • Mike moves to continue, Richard seconds, motion carries.
  4. Spring Fling G/30, March 19
    • Mike moves to continue, Courtney seconds, motion carries.
  5. Grand Prix Warm-Up, April 2
    • Mike moves to continue, Richard seconds, motion carries.
  6. Walter Muir Memorial, April 23
    • Russell highlights history of this important tournament.
    • All present discuss possibility of changing date of tournament.
    • All present discuss need to generate more growth and interest.
    • Courtney offers to direct some tournaments in future.
    • Russell moves to consider 2 Grand Prix each year, Ray seconds, motion carries.
    • Russell discusses different payout structures for each tournament.
    • Mike moves to accept, Richard seconds, motion carries.
  7. Block Party (“Homecoming”), May 15
    • Mike moves to continue if Grandin Village Merchant’s Association approves.
    • Ray seconds, motion carries.
  8. Festival in the Park, May 28
    • Russell discusses need to increase player interaction.
    • Courtney discusses option of $5 donation to play simul with receipt.
    • Richard discusses playing multiple simuls with varying levels.
    • All discuss promoting value of 501(c).
    • Ray discusses including festival with period of free chess lessons.
    • All discuss logistics of tables, transport, and volunteers.
    • All discuss presence for two days at festival.
    • Mike discusses grant from Roanoke Arts Commission and delegating committee headed by Bill Adams.
    • Mike moves to continue festival for two days, Ray seconds, motion carries.
  9. Summer Quick, June 18
    • Mike proposes need to cut down on Summer tournaments.
    • Russell discusses better advertising and need for some Summer tournaments.
    • Courtney proposes trying second Grand Prix in Summer.
    • Ray discusses option of moving Walter Muir Memorial to Summer.
    • Russell notes need for above discussion among Board members.
    • Russell requests current assignment of Grand Prix points from Ray
    • All agree additional discussion needed in near future.
  10. Summer G/30 Championship, July 16
    • Russell suggests changing time controls and having better advertisement.
  11. New Location of RVCC
    • Mike discusses success of moving to Raleigh Court Library.
    • Richard proposes the idea of changing day of meetings from Wednesday to Thursday.
    • Courtney seconds proposal to date change from Saturday to Wednesday.
    • Russell reiterates success of current format .
    • Mike moves to continue with current location/date, all agree, motion carries.
Treasurer’s Report
Election of Officers Quorum President – Mike Huff
Vice President – Sam Kennedy
Treasurer – Ray Megginson
Senior Advisor – Russell Potter

New Business
Courtney motions to adjourn meeting, Ray seconds.

Mike adjourns meeting at 3:30 pm on 9/10/16.

The Roanoke Valley Chess Club will meet every Wednesday evening at the Raleigh Court Branch Library. The library is located at 2112 Grandin Road, SW, Roanoke, VA 24015. It is directly in front of Patrick Henry High School.
Please click here for a map and detailed directions.

The formal hours of the RVCC will be Wednesday evenings from 5:00 to 9:30 p.m.
Please use the rear entrance to the library.

Special Notice : There will be a chess club officer to host every Wednesday meeting !